Trixpica is a concept idea. Trixpica will be a website built to connect the random miscellaneous information to people that are looking for this said random miscellaneous information. This information, that I have discovered over the years, could be anything from how/where to learn to code all the way to free stuff on your birthday. As someone who is always looking for a deal and spending plenty of time on a computer, Trixpica will be there to lead users to reliable and safe websites. Trixpica will compile all the info, links to websites, reliability and security of websites, and guides to one centralized location.

The idea for Trixpica came into play after realizing many countless hours searching brought you to either poor or useless information. Trixpica is a refined search to remedy this. Trixpica will NOT discontinue any websites or take users from them, but it will ensure that these users can find the information easier. An update that Trixpica will receive once released, will allow the use of a commenting tool which I will review. The comments posted will create a community of people where all of our random misc. information will be -- not so random. This will be legend... wait for it ...dary!
[Trixpica will be built using CSS3, HTML5, Javascript/AngularJS, Docker]