Component Collector

Current Specifications

Component Collector can be used to search a specific CPU or RAM and then collect various types of information that goes along with the given CPU or RAM. Component Collector is built using python 3.7. The CPU information was gathered from: & The goal of Component Collector is to take a specified CPU like: i7-4790k or FX-8350 or the program can take an input of: ddr1, ddr2, ddr3 or ddr4. Once the parameters are given, the program will display all types of RAM that goes with the CPU or all CPUs that correspond with the specified RAM.

Future Development

The next steps to Component Collector will be to add a GUI type interface and of course better wording to the initial directions. Another feature I would like to add would be the function to search a specific CPU and return 2-3 pre-built desktops containing the specified CPU and their prices. The next thing that would be returned would be a list of 3-5 desktops that someone could build. The parts would be listed from these 3-5 along with where to buy them for the cheapest, the prices of each component and the 3-5 desktops would be ordered from worst reviewed to best reviewed.